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Aftercare Enrichment Programs

Aftercare Programs Schedule:
Mon-Fri, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Martial Arts Class

Our martial arts class is much beloved by both parents and children. Ms. Jing, our martial arts instructor, does a fantastic job blending physical exercise with Chinese culture. Children get a chance to perform their skills at our Winter Concert.

Cooking Class

There are so many enrichment opportunities in our cooking class. Gross motor skills, better sense of smell and taste, better understanding of different cultures through food, are all benefits of our cooking classes. Most importantly, children have so much fun making food with their hands!

Our calligraphy course is a great introduction for children to get into the historical art form that is Chinese calligraphy. Their penmanship and affinity for Chinese culture is really brought to the limelight as the course progresses.



S.T.E.A.M stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Children love our S.T.E.A.M courses! Our program has featured activities such as the egg drop, building roller coasters, and paper rockets.

Song & Movement

Our song and movement class enables children to work on their movement while being immersed in the wonders of song and dance. Come and join the fun!

Our sand exploration program gives children the opportunity to be little archaeologists! Working with their hands and using instruments such as brushes, shovels, and dusters; children get an ample opportunity to work on their gross motor and understand their curiosities.

Sand Exploration

Nature Walk

Nature walk is an important part of Montessori philosophy as children are given the chance to enhance their senses by engaging with the natural world. Children get to see the colors and movements of our natural world.

Painting & Art

There is a unique feeling of pride being able to tangibly see the improvements of a child. Our painting and art classes are guided by our art teachers, with creativity dependent on the child. Parents are able to enjoy the wonderful artworks of their child.

This project ignites children's passion for singing, primarily by providing vocal and pitch training in the curriculum. Through the collaborative experience of choral music and performance, it nurtures children to fully express their artistic and personal potential, cultivating their appreciation for the arts.


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