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Sunrise Montessori

At the heart of Sunrise Montessori, we hold a genuine faith in our children. We believe education can be effective when children are accountable to themselves, others, and their environment.


Our History

Ms. Lingling completed her Masters in Child Psychology in Pittsburgh before moving to the Boston area in 2014. She worked in Brookline, MA, when she met Ms. Joanne at both their first early childhood positions. Their mutual drive and similar philosophy in early childhood education helped them become quick friends, and later business partners. Almost ten years later, they are still rooted in the same vision and understanding of early childhood development. 


When Ms. Lingling started looking for a school for her child, she was surprised to find a credible Montessori curriculum amalgamated with a Mandarin framework didn’t exist in our community. That’s when Ms. Lingling called Ms. Joanne and Sunrise was born. 

Benefits of Montessori

Independence &

Critical thinking & encouraging creativity

Promoting social skills & empathy

Nurturing a sense of community


Teachers at Sunrise Montessori fully honor each individual with their own potential, we follow the child. We are mindful observers who support children in meeting their developmental needs. Our aim is to fulfill the fullest possible development of the child and immerse children in absorbing a second language naturally.

​We inspire children to embrace the Eastern and Western cultures that are integrated in the world around them. Our goal is for our children to enjoy these life-long skills of early bilingualism.

The Sunrise Philosophy

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