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Health & Safety 

Our children’s safety and well-being is crucial to us. It is important our parents and staff are on the same page when it comes to our policies. This will help ensure that we have our children’s best interests and security in mind.


Visitor Policy

1. Only business related visitors are allowed: such as current parents, potential parents, maintenance staff, department officers, etc. 
2. An arranged appointment is required.
3. Please sign the visitor record log in and out
4. All visitors must be supervised by EEC proved staff with a completed background check while in school


Security Policy

1. The child will only be released to adults listed on the pick-up consent form. 
2. The child won’t be released to any new faces before we receive the updated pick-up consent form from parents. 
3. Anyone picking up a child will be asked for a photo ID until that adult becomes familiar to the staff. If there is a change or substitution in staff and they are not familiar with a parent/guardian, they are required to ask for a photo ID.
4. Sunrise Montessori has installed security cameras in the foyer, and around the outside perimeter of the building, as well as the parking lot.


Late Pick-up Policy

1. Please call the school to notify the delay in advance.
2. School will arrange for a teacher to stay with the child until parents’ arrival.
3. On arrival, we ask parents to sign on the attendance sheet.

If a child has not been picked up by 5:55 PM and the center has not been contacted regarding the parent/guardian’s delay, then the following procedures will be followed:
a. Parents/Guardians will be called on their personal phone at 5:55 PM.
b. If we are unable to contact you on your personal phone, we will attempt to contact you through your place of employment.
c. If we are still unable to reach you, the emergency contact person listed on your child’s documents will be notified to pick up the child.
d. At 60 minutes past the closing hour, if no contact has been made by parents or someone authorized to act on the child’s behalf, CPS or local law enforcement will be contacted.


When a parent/guardian fails to contact the center regarding delays in picking up their children, it is considered neglect and is something that we do not take lightly. The fee for the late pick-up fee is $10 for every five minutes.

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