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Infant Program

Our infant program focuses on fostering the child's natural development through respectful and responsive care, creating a prepared environment that supports exploration and learning.

We Provide
Half Day / Full Day / Long Day Schedule

3 months - 15 months







Sensitive period


The Infant Classroom

Our infant classroom accommodates crawling or immobile infants in a calm learning environment. The child feels safe exploring here because there are attentive and adoring adult caretakers around to watch them. Developmentally suitable furnishings and materials are present in the surroundings.


Although a child's freedom of mobility must be protected, restrictive equipment is avoided. As opposed to high chairs, specially made furniture encourages your child's developing independence, such as pull-up bars, mirrors that reflect movement, and kid-sized tables and chairs.

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Testimonials From Parents

We got a rapid response from the director and scheduled two tours to visit the school. The director was very patient to introduce their education philosophy and Covid policy. We are satisfied with Its environment, clean and big classroom. Teachers are nice and full of love. There is a class pet in the classroom. My daughter loves the pet so much. She had a wonderful time there.

Lei J


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